Can I use an external hard drive with my XBox 360 arcade?

Answer You cannot use an external hard drive with a factory-formatted XBox 360; you can only use XBox 360 branded hard drives, which are installed internally. Unauthorized modifications to allow for exter... Read More »

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Can Xbox 360 Arcade DVD games be copied to a hard drive& played on the Xbox 360 Arcade?

You can copy any Xbox 360 game to the hard drive included on the 360 Arcade--assuming you have enough space. The Arcade is simply an Xbox sold without hard-drive add on. You will still need to inse... Read More »

Does the Xbox 360 Arcade come with a hard drive?

The Xbox 360 Arcade does not come with a hard drive. It does contain 256 MB of storage to allow for saving games. If a hard drive is desired, one can be purchased and installed separately.Reference... Read More »

How to Upgrade the Hard Drive on an Xbox 360 Arcade?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console comes in several bundles. The "Xbox 360 Arcade," is the lower-end model that does not include a hard drive. Although this model is less expensive than others... Read More »

Can a hard drive be added to an xbox arcade system?

Players can install hard drives on an Xbox 360 Arcade system. The console is built the same as those that come with hard drives; they just are sold for a lower price without this additional memory ... Read More »