Can I use an extension cord with my pond heater?

Answer On One Hand: Use an Extension CordYou can certainly use an extension cord to run electricity from your house to a pond heater provided you meet certain standars: Use only a single, appropriately si... Read More »

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Can you use an extension cord to convert an oven socket outlet to a dryer outlet by using an extension cord with a 50A male plug and a 30A female socket?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. If you're wanting to power a 30 amp dryer with a 50 amp circuit, that's possible. (If the dryer needs 50 and the circuit i... Read More »

What size pond heater do I need for my pond?

On One Hand: Pond Heater Only Required With FishA pond heater is an available option to purchase for the pond if the owner chooses to stock the water with fish, especially Koi. According to Garden ... Read More »

How do I choose the right pond heater size?

Determining Heater SizeDetermine how many gallons of water your pond holds. Measure the length, depth and width of your pond. Multiply those numbers together, and multiply that by 7.5, which is the... Read More »

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