Can I use an adult EpiPen on a child?

Answer On One Hand: EpiPens, Two Strengths for EveryonePersons with known risk for anaphylaxis carry epinephrine in auto-injection devices called EpiPens. Although anaphylaxis can strike anyone of any age... Read More »

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If a child accidentally bite the top of an epipen what would happen?

Just biting it, probably nothing. If it was actually put to use in his mouth then the needle would be pretty painful, but i doubt that if would really do anything to the child. Its not like its rea... Read More »

What's the maximum age of the child to receive past due child support from the parent- even if the child is now an adult?

IF you see this what you do is take him aside, and give him a Playboy. The reason is, a young boy is very curious. He probably just hit puberty and has jsut started to look at females in a new way.... Read More »

If the parents are giving a friend their child how can the adult accepting the child become legally bonded so the parents cannot take custody of the child at some future time?

Answer Parents cannot "give" a child to someone.All parties must follow the required adoption or guardianship procedures according to the laws of the state and through the appropriate state court.... Read More »

Can the mother of a child give another adult custody of the child without having to go through court procedures?

Answer No. Any baby born to a married mother is assumed by law to be the child of the husband. Which means the husband's rights in the child have to be legally given up as well as the mother's righ... Read More »