Can I use alternative 3D glasses with my 46HX803?

Answer You have to use the manufacturers originals currently. I tried it last week in the shop where I work, as soon as the glasses lost signal to the screen they were made to be used with they just turne... Read More »

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My glasses broke and im wearing my old glasses with a lower prescription, is it okay?

Call an optometrist, they will tell you over the phone. An optometrist actually gave my brother a bit lower prescription on purpose saying that his vision would actually improve over time.

How many pairs of glasses do you get with one order of ESPN 3D glasses?

Which one is better 3D TV with shutter glasses or cinema 3d glasses?

As with all televisions, the "best" is a matter of opinion. Before buying a 3D television, audition as many models as you can. Make sure the glasses are comfortable and make sure the image is clear... Read More »

Do I look better with glasses or without glasses (pics)?