Can I use a different brand/make printer with me dell laptop Or does it have to be a dell printer only?

Answer You can use any printer as long as you have the right hook-up and the appropriate driver. You only need to use dell parts if your laptop breaks down and needs replacement parts.XR

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Please help! Do I have to use a Dell brand printer with a Dell Laptop Inspiron 8600?

no. when you connect your new printer (any brand) your laptop will recognise that you've got something new connected to it and then you'll need to put the cd in that you got with your printer and f... Read More »

Do i have to use a Mac printer with a Mac laptop, or can I use any printer, like a Dell?

Any printer that has software labeled "Mac' compatible...which is most printers!

Where is the port connection to my Dell laptop to printer?

Dell laptops, and laptops in general, don't provide the printer cord port, also known as parallel ports. A Dell laptop can be connected with a USB printer connector, or you can use a USB-parallel a... Read More »

Where is the printer connector on my Dell laptop computer?

Depending on the age of a Dell laptop, a printer can be connected to it in one of two ways. Older Dell laptops, and some newer ones, have what is called a printer port, also referred to as a serial... Read More »