Can I use a computer monitor as a TV and a PC Monitor and play my Xbox and Computer on it?


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TV Monitor and Computer Monitor, Which is better for PC gaming as well as Xbox?

TV for gaming WAS a big no no but TV came a long way since then. I think it's more of a personal choice now. Some people don't like to see 24" resolution (1900x1200) on a 40" screen because it's ki... Read More »

How to Connect Xbox 360 to a Computer Monitor?

Depending on your home setup, it might be more convenient for you to connect your Xbox 360 to a computer monitor rather than a TV. If your monitor has more than one input port (e.g., two VGA ports ... Read More »

Can you hookup an xbox or other game console to a computer monitor?

you would need a converter to change the output of the xbox video to match the input of the flatscreen. Ive found all kinds of weird converters and cables on ebay.

How to receive sound from an xbox hooked up to a computer monitor w/ HDMI?

Right click the speaker icon by the clock, right click digital and enable it, double click it, levels tab and set the slider where you like. Restart everything and see if that worked.