Can I use a calling card to call the conference bridge?

Answer A calling card can be used to connect to a conference call bridge, provided the bridge does not use caller ID to limit participants to those calling from pre-approved numbers. Ensure that the remai... Read More »

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Can calling cards be used to attend a conference call?

Yes, a calling card can be used to attend a conference call. To use the calling card, dial the number as normally and enter the card's passcode. Then call the conference phone number as you would n... Read More »

Do I need a calling card when I go on my trip to Jamaica to call to the USA ?

Yes you'll need to buy one because your traveling out of the USA. You can get calling cards at a grocery store. Just ask the person for a calling card and they'll give you one.

How to Call From a Cell Phone Using an International Calling Card?

Perhaps you want to make an overseas call, but you don't want to have to pay the large fees associated with one while using your mobile phone. One solution is to get an inexpensive international ca... Read More »

What does Britney do if she is running late for a very important video conference call and a man is struggling with his access card when she arrives at the security door to her section?

What Britney DoesShe asks for the man's ID, verifies, and tells him he can't come in. She goes to security then to her conference call.