Can I use a CD-r in idvd?

Answer My first thought was that you could do this with short enough source material (CDs have about 1/7 the storage capacity of DVDs, so you would get about 15 minutes max). The player you play it on wo... Read More »

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How long does it take to burn a DVD in iDVD?

According to the Apple website, you can burn DVDs in minutes with iDVD. The actual length of time it will take depends upon the length of the DVD you're trying to copy, as well as the speed of the ... Read More »

How can you get a project from iDVD to iMovie?

Besides doing a quick Google search to obtain such information, you might give the following a try:…… .

How to Burn PAL & NTSC DVDs in iDVD?

iDVD is Apple's premier DVD software for the Mac family of computers. iDVD helps you create DVDs from pictures, movie clips and music. iDVD enables users to make full length DVDs in two formats: NT... Read More »