Can I use Skype to call 0800 numbers for free?

Answer Yes you can, just go to the ' call phones ' option at the top of skype ( ), and enter/paste the 0800 number, and press call. Thats it! :-)

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0800 numbers to prank call?

1800 94 86 15 - NetflixFree to call and they're not allowed hang up!

How to Make a Free 0800 Reverse Call?

Sometimes when you are out of credit or have no money at a payphone you think you can't make a call well you can using 0800 REVERSE...

Funny 1800 numbers to call from skype?

1-800-980-PHAD gives 10 minute free calls anywhere in the US so you could make free calls from skype to this number, then call any number you want.... 1-800-444-4444 and 1-800-MY-ANI-IS reads back... Read More »

0800 numbers?

the 0800 number is coming from Europe, most likely Germany. I currently live here in Germany and that is the toll free number in this country. If you call it stateside (which I am assuming you live... Read More »