Can I use Samsung Nexus S Sprint in another country like Bulgaria?

Answer No. You have to download apps such as, Go SMS or Handcent they are VERY customizable

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How can I cheaply turn my Google Samsung Sprint Nexus.... into a satellite phone. Thanks for any help..?

This is like asking "How can I turn my car into an airplane?"The problem is that phones don't have the necessary electronics inside them to communicate with satellites (yes, they have GPS antennas,... Read More »

Should I get the samsung captivate or wait for the Samsung Nexus S to come out... I am getting a new phone for Christmas so I need to know fast. Any help?

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Which is better an iPhone of a samsung galaxy nexus?

I am THISCLOSE to buying either the Nexus 7 or the Samsung Galaxy 7.0. But which one, and why?

choose the galaxy, you won't be disappointed!