Can I use Hazel Tree as a bush?

Answer Yes Crylus makes a good bush , cut it back and it will bush out to a multistem bush.

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Hazel Tree Facts?

Hazel trees are found throughout most of Europe, including Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, east into Russia's Ural mountain range and south to Greece and Italy. They can also be found in the Ca... Read More »

Witch Hazel Tree Information?

In those early days of winter, when your garden looses all its color and the air turns stale, consider planting a witch hazel tree to liven up your outdoor living. Its late-fall colors and early-wi... Read More »

What kind of tree is hazel wood from that divining rods are made of?

"Is it a tree, and/or a bush":O?

Most Syringa is a type of shrub, but there are 'tree' type cultivars, so it depends on what variety you are speaking.