Can I use Excel to notify me of upcoming dates?

Answer First of all, make sure that the cells that will be used for the testing and colorizing are formatted as true Dates. Just select them, then right-click that selected area and choose Format Cells..... Read More »

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How do i add dates in microsoft excel?

Adding a date that will not changeType any date directly into the cell using the format MM/DD/YYYY. Use the Format Cells dialog box (CTRL+1) to format the date. For a shortcut to place the current ... Read More »

How to Calculate Due Dates in an Excel Spreadsheet?

Whether you are working on a project with numerous tasks or want to keep track of when your bills are due each month, you can set up Excel to calculate due dates for you. Excel is known for its abi... Read More »

How to Subtract Dates in Microsoft Excel 2003?

Microsoft Excel provides many ways to format dates in your spreadsheet, and several formats include the names of months and not just numbers. Regardless of how dates appear, Excel has the ability t... Read More »

In Excel, how can we apply conditional formatting on dates excluding the time?

You have to make sure that the Date/Time format is used on the cells in question. That way the true value will be a serial number, where the Days will be a whole number (an Integer) and the Times ... Read More »