How Do I Mix Synthetic Engine Oil and Regular Engine Oil?

Answer People who take care of their car might have the problem of multiple opened bottles of motor oil. The question that comes up with these half-empty bottles is if you can combine them. Combining oils... Read More »

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Can I mix E85& gas in a regular non-FFV engine?

You can mix E85 and regular gas in a non-flexible fuel vehicle (FFV), according to the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE). E85 itself is 15-percent unleaded gasoline, but the ACE recommends not c... Read More »

Can you use regular unleaded gas in a Cadillac Northstar engine?

On One Hand: Older Cadillac NorthstarsUnleaded gasoline is the standard in auto fuel. If a vehicle does not run on diesel, it runs on unleaded gasoline. Any gasoline engine, new or old, can use reg... Read More »

Will regular dish network viewers receive super bowl on regular programming?

With most of our installations, if you qualify for the promotion, the installations are free. This is for new customers. You can go to to view our programming packages, the mont... Read More »

What is more detrimental to your health, regular Alcohol use or regular use of Cannabis?

Depends on how much alcohol you consider "regular". Moderate, daily drinking can increase health (2 drinks a day, one drink being a 12 oz. beer, 8 oz. glass of wine, 1 oz. liquor (a shot), etc.). T... Read More »