Can I use DDR 3 1600 memory with Athlon II 260 3.2 GHz. Processor?

Answer The RAM would down-clock automatically to DDR3-1333 speed and it would run fine. If you want to increase your performance, you are better off spending money on 1333mhz ram or a new hard drive, or ... Read More »

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What is an amd athlon processor?

When it comes to consumer microprocessors, Advanced Micro Devices provides the only major competition for its Silicon Valley neighbor, Intel, the world's biggest chip maker. But it was not until th... Read More »

What is an Athlon Processor?

While Advanced Micro Devices was founded in 1969, the company existed in the shadow of Intel for many years. It was the Athlon processor that made AMD a major player in the consumer processor marke... Read More »

How fast is an AMD 64 Athlon processor?

AMD Athlon 64 is actually a full line of desktop processors available at a variety of speeds. As of 2010, the current line of AMD Athlon processors ranges from 1.8 GHz to 2.7 GHz. AMD also produces... Read More »

How Do I Overclock an AMD Athlon Processor?

Overclocking is a way to get more from your computer's central processing unit---the computer's "brain," in this case an Athlon processor made by Advanced Micro Devices---without paying more for hi... Read More »