Can I use 5 speakers on a 7.1 AV receiver?

Answer In order to be compatible with existing speaker setups, most 7.1 AV receivers have setup options that allow for the use of five speakers. Many of these systems will auto-detect your setup, requirin... Read More »

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What is the best home theater receiver Not speakers, I have speakers and just need the receiver part.?

denon will get you your best for your money. i have 3 receivers. avr1612, avr3313, and rxv473, my favorites are my Denon's. onkyo is pretty good for the price as well and usually more feature packe... Read More »

How to wire up two 16 ohm speakers and two ohm 8 speakers to a Hifi 7.1 AV Receiver 2000W Amplifier?

You can hook them up any way you want. Most likely it can handle 4 ohm loads and 16 parallel 8 is 5.33 ohms so you could even put both sets of speakers on the mains if you wanted to. Personally i... Read More »

Can you connect Bose speakers& traditional speakers to the same receiver?

On a technical level, you can connect any types of speakers together as long as you do not go below the minimum ohm load. Mixing Bose speakers and traditional speakers is not recommended, but most ... Read More »

Can you run a 5.1 receiver with 2 speakers?

A home audio receiver that has 5.1 surround sound capability can operate with just two speakers. When setting up a receiver, set the center channel and rear channels to "Off." The receiver will onl... Read More »