Can I upgrade the graphics card on my laptop?

Answer To save head room in Laptops, the mfg. buys video chips that solder to the board in the robotinstallation process. Can't change them.

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How to Upgrade Graphics in a Laptop?

The GPU (graphics processing unit) on your graphics card determines what game, or graphics-intensive programs your computer can run. If you don't have enough graphics memory, your computer will ru... Read More »

Upgrade graphics card?

It's a little more expensive than most 7770's, but if you get the XFX 7770 double dissapation (… you will not be disappointed.Or you could get the Asus HD ... Read More »

Can I upgrade the graphics card on this?

No, and you can't do it with many laptops

Can I upgrade my graphics card?

According to the Dell site, your system accepts PCI-Express video cards so you can use pretty much any modern video card (the PCI-Express spec is forward/backward compatible). Given you have a 375... Read More »