Can I upgrade my computer Or do I need to scrap it for a new one?

Answer scrap it.

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I need help on deciding what to upgrade to for my computer?

This is a very broad question. What is your current set up? do you already have 2 gpus that you want to put in a new motherboard? why do you need to upgrade your motherboard and power supply? are y... Read More »

I need to upgrade my computer, what brand do you recommend?

If you want a quality Windows laptop , Sony Vaio. A friend bought a Dell and after a few weeks some of the keys stopped working. They told her to send it back to them for repairs. 6 weeks later sh... Read More »

I want to upgrade my hard drive and RAM, do I need to upgrade anything else?

I don't think that your current computer can be upgraded to run what you want.Check the eBay Daily Deals for price slashed desktops or laptops that are years NEWER and run around $200 - $250 but ca... Read More »

How do I build a working computer out of scrap parts?

Test each component in a working computer before you begin assembling your new computer. By testing each component separately, you will know you are using components that are not flawed. You will n... Read More »