Can I upgrade my computer Or do I need to scrap it for a new one?

Answer scrap it.

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How do I build a working computer out of scrap parts?

Test each component in a working computer before you begin assembling your new computer. By testing each component separately, you will know you are using components that are not flawed. You will n... Read More »

What should i upgrade for my computer...?

Don't they sell used PC's in Singapore (where the question comes from) ?The entire PC you have is worth less than $100 in the USA. Everything in it is weak including the brand and type of motherboard.

How can you upgrade to iOS 5 if you don't have a computer?

You will need to use the iStore on a friends computer or pop in to an Apple store or IPhone reseller

How can I upgrade to iOS 5 if I do not have a computer?

You can't, but you must of had to have a computer in order to have any apple device. It is not yet possible to start a device with out a computer as of now.