Can I unplug my computer and move it to another side of my office?

Answer Yes!

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How do I move Office 2007 to a new computer?

Put Disk in DrivePlace the Office 2007 Office installation disk in your new computer's DVD drive. When the installation window opens, follow the prompts to download and install Office 2007 on your ... Read More »

Weird breath coming out when I move side to side?

this happens to me too. It feels like my lung is rubbing against my ribcage and makes a weird noise. Happens to my mom too. I have no clue what it is

How can a person unplug his computer?

lol!Thanks Snizz! Just because I'm not as big a computer nerd as you are!At least I didn't spill coke in mine! HA!

Do you unplug your computer during a thunderstorm ?