Can I travel with a criminal conviction?

Answer On One Hand: Domestic travel generally permitted.Provided you are not on serving a term of probation or parole, travel across the United States is permitted. If you are required to register as a se... Read More »

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Will a criminal conviction show on an mvr?

Your motor vehicle report, also called a driving record, may contain information from your criminal record. If you have any outstanding warrants, your driving record will reflect that. If you have ... Read More »

What Is an Unspent Criminal Conviction?

In 1974, the United Kingdom passed the Rehabilitation Act. This act protects ex-offenders from discrimination in the work place. It's designed to help people regardless of their age, who don't have... Read More »

How long does a criminal conviction last?

A conviction will remain on your record until it is expunged, or removed, by the courts. To expunge a conviction from your record, you must petition the jurisdiction that prosecuted you. The proces... Read More »

Is a traffic violation a criminal conviction?

Every traffic violation ticket identifies one of two charges. If it specifies a "civil infraction," it's not a criminal offense; the penalties are fines and/or points on your driving record. More s... Read More »