Can I transplant a cherry laurel?

Answer Cherry laurel, or English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus), is a small evergreen tree or shrub that can grow up to 25 feet in height. Cherry laurels can be transplanted, but only in the spring.Source:S... Read More »

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How do I grow cherry laurel?

Select the SiteSelect a planting spot in full sunlight. If you live in a hot climate, choose a spot where the plant will be in the shade during hot afternoons. Be sure to plant English laurel where... Read More »

What kind of cherry flavoring to use to make cherry cola?

You can buy Grenadine at any grocery store and in smaller bottles. It's a good and inexpensive way to make Cherry Coke. It won't be listed as Cherry Grenadine, just Grenadine. Incidentally, Gren... Read More »

What is the difference between cherry juice&cherry cider?

Though both cherry juice and cherry cider are made with at least some cherry juice, they are two completely different kinds of drinks with different appearances, purposes and flavors.IngredientsChe... Read More »

How do you grow a cherry tree from the seed of a cherry?

Put a cherry pit in the ground and water it regularly. Some kind of organic fertilizer might be helpful as well.