Can I transfer my ring tones with my Bluetooth?

Answer Bluetooth is not actually a device, but rather a wireless communication protocol. It's the means of sending information between Bluetooth-enabled devices over short distances. Using this technology... Read More »

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How to Transfer Ring Tones to a G'zone Boulder?

Boulder G'zone comes with the Verizon Wireless network provider. It is one of the first few cell phones offered by Verizon that have the push-to-talk technology. Some of its notable qualities inclu... Read More »

How to Get Ring Tones From Cydia?

The iPhone comes with several stock ring tones for use in customizing your contacts. The problem is there is a limited amount you can use. Many people jailbreak their iPhone in order to further cus... Read More »

How to Add & Use Ring Tones for an LG Ally?

The LG Ally comes with 40 ring tones so you can personalize your phone. As well as choosing a default ring tone, the Ally lets you assign different ring tones to each of your contacts, so you will ... Read More »

Can I make ring tones?

Ohhh yeah. This one is kind of tricky though. It depends on what kind of phone you have. If you have a Samsung phone, then you probably want to make .mp3 ringtones. The trick is to create a so... Read More »