Can I transfer my Zune songs to another Zune?

Answer This is called a reverse sync. Using a USB cord, connect the Zune you wish to transfer the songs from to your computer, open the Zune software and click the device from the list. Drag manually or r... Read More »

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How do I transfer songs from LimeWire to Zune?

Connect ZuneConnect your Zune to your computer and open the Zune software. Wait for your Zune to be recognized by the Zune software before trying to transfer songs.Drag and Drop MethodOpen the fold... Read More »

How to Transfer Songs From a Zune to an iPod?

There is no direct way to transfer your Zune music to an iPod without using your computer as an intermediary device. You cannot transfer DRM-protected songs bought from the Zune Marketplace. Howeve... Read More »

How to Erase Songs From a Zune Without Deleting Them From a Zune?

No matter how much space is available on a media player such as a Zune, the time will come for songs to be deleted, paving the way for new selections. The process of deleting music, photos and vide... Read More »

How to Transfer From Zune to Zune?

The Microsoft Zune MP3 player has a special ability that is not shared by many other MP3 players. It can transfer files wirelessly with other Zunes. It doesn't need a computer as an intermediary fo... Read More »