Can I transfer data through my router?

Answer A normal ethernet cable should do it.…Make sure both consoles are fully up to date

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How to Transfer Incredimail Data From Another Computer Via Router?

Transfering your Incredimail data can be accomplished through the use of removable media such as optical disks or USB drives, but a more efficient method is to utilize your networked computer to si... Read More »

Why do I need to port forward through my router when I'm not inherently using a router?

The ethernet cable in the wall is connected to a router. Whether it is in you room or not is relevant, it's connected to a router somewhere.To do port forwarding, you would need to set it up on tha... Read More »

How is the direction of data flow different for data transfer for mp3 players and digital cameras?

MP3 files are downloaded from the PC to the MP3 player, in contrast to a digital camera, which transfers or uploads data to the PC.

How to Transfer Data to an LG CU400 Using a USB Data Cable?

The LG CU400 is a clamshell-style mobile phone that was offered by Cingular Wireless. Although Cingular Wireless is no longer around, you could still use their branded handsets on the AT&T Wireless... Read More »