Can I tell how pregnant I am by my HCG level?

Answer There is a wide variation in HCG levels. During early pregnancy, they double every two to three days, so at that time it would be difficult to date a pregnancy precisely just by HCG levels. Later i... Read More »

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If you tell a teacher you're pregnant can they tell your parents?

Answer Yes, they can. Chances are they will, actually. This is no laughing matter... your parents have every right to know, frankly. Answer no they have no right it should be confidential Answer It... Read More »

How do you tell your ex boy friend that you are pregnant with his child after you told you cant get pregnant anymore?

stop lying. First off, let me say we can assume you lied about the fact that you can't get pregnant. Doctors do not throw that statement around, and nobody told you that. The only time "you can't... Read More »

Can you tell if you are pregnant or show symptoms the same day you get pregnant?

Most likely not, but it's possible to have symptoms. But you will not start to show for about 4 or more months. AnswerI remember after my boyfriend and I had sex I felt sick to my stomache. Not sic... Read More »

What is the hcg level for 3 weeks pregnant?

for 3 weeks Pregnant mine was 30 they say 25-50