Can I take out my own stitch?

Answer Absolutely! If the wound is healed just snip it next to the knot, grab the knot and pull. Yer done!

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If you take a small chunk off your finger on a glass do they stitch it?

If you have a cut that keeps bleeding, or that "gapes" open and won't stay closed, you need stitches to close it up so that it will heal.If you just have a little chunk gone and it stops bleeding, ... Read More »

How to Draw Stitch from Lilo and Stitch?

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How to Crochet Star Stitch (Daisy Stitch)?

The star stitch is one that's been around for years. It is not only fun and relatively simple, it also crochets along very quickly. It makes a wonderful textured stitch that is great for something ... Read More »