Can I take my nose ring out in 5 weeks?

Answer On One Hand: Nose Piercing Are Cartilage PiercingsCartilage piercings take longer to heal than, say, the fleshy earlobe. It's is recommended to allow these piercings three to six months, even up to... Read More »

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Can you take out a nose ring after 4 weeks?

On One Hand: Nose Piercings Take A Few Months to HealAfter getting a nose piercing, it will need time to heal. The recommended time to leave in the piercing stud post piercing is between 2 and 4 mo... Read More »

How to Heal a Nose Ring and Take Care of Infections?

This is a guide to healing fresh nose piercings, and how to get rid of infections ASAP. Includes advice from piercers.

How long does it take for a nose ring hole to close?

A nose ring hole will begin to close as soon as the nose ring is removed. Within 10 minutes, the hole will become much smaller than the original size. The hole can close completely from a little mo... Read More »

If you are 33 weeks pregnant and pierced your nose should you take it out?

Answer No, there is no reason to take it out. However, the delivery room nurses may ask you take it out. When you are in a hospital it's adviseable to leave all valuables at home (that could inc... Read More »