Can I take cuttings from lavender plants?

Answer yes, now is the right time. Take cuttings 5 - 8 cm long. Take of the lower leaves. Dip the end in growing hormone for plants. 3 - 5 cuttings in a black plastic pot with potting soil. Put the cutti... Read More »

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How do I root cuttings from lavender?

Prepare the CuttingBreak or cut a branch from the mother plant that is 4 to 8 inches long. Remove the leaves toward the lower end, and clip any already budding flower heads off. Dip the end of the ... Read More »

How do I take cuttings of plants?

Prepare the PlantChoose a healthy, mature plant to take your cutting from. Water it thoroughly the day before you take your cutting.Make Your CutClip the stem at the node, choosing a section that i... Read More »

Can you take cuttings from geranium plants?

Geranium plants can be propagated successfully using stem cuttings from a mature plant. Geranium cuttings root easily in water and will have adequate root growth for planting in six to eight weeks.... Read More »

How do i take cuttings from yukka plants?

Take A CuttingCut at least 3 inches from the Yucca plant with a pair of sharp scissors. Take the cutting from a mature part of the plant as the mature wood is less prone to rot when replanting.Prep... Read More »