Can I take craze aka the preworkout supplement with nitrix and cell mass ?

Answer I think you should look at the ingredients in all of these. You will find out you can get what you need much cheaper, and customize the doses. Example:L-Glutamine will be one of the ingredients. It... Read More »

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No you are ok to take them together and magnesium will help regulate blood sugar levels…

Best supplement to gain muscle mass ?

Exercise. I know, that's the obvious answer, but I wanted to preface with that first... without exercise, no supplement will make you gain muscle.As far as supplements to take with exercise, any ty... Read More »

What is your take on the whole myspace craze?

It's kind of fun at first but NOT informative. I got plenty of pervertish messages from strangers and got tons of friend requests from these perverts. It was funny at first but then it just got p... Read More »

Can i mix green coffee bean supplement with a raspberry supplement?

if ist all natural, yes you can, and you should take it during the first half of the day, definitely not before going to sleep