Can I take coconut oil before bed?

Answer It is best to take coconut oil three times daily with meals. Since it is best to eat an evening meal a few hours before sleeping, coconut oil should be ingested before retiring.Source:Coconut Conne... Read More »

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How do I take care of a coconut palm?

Water your coconut palm often. They like lots of water. As long as you use soil mixed with sand to support good drainage, your tree will thrive.Fertilize your palm. A fertilizer with basic nutrient... Read More »

How much coconut oil should you take for candida?

On One Hand: Coconut Oil and CandidaCandida is a yeast produced naturally in the body that only causes trouble when there is an imbalance of bacteria that lets the candida multiply. One way to cont... Read More »

How much coconut oil should a diabetic take?

On One Hand: Stablizes Blood Sugar LevelsCoconut oil is touted by diabetics as a super food used to stabilize blood sugar levels. Experts recommend diabetics should take 3 to 4 tbsp. of coconut oi... Read More »

How Much Coconut Oil Should You Take for Hair Growth?

Men and women alike have been searching for that magic elixir that will either regrow hair or make their hair grow longer. With the advent of going green on the minds of many people, this search ha... Read More »