Can I take an antihistamine with an antidepressant?

Answer On One Hand: Several Types Of Each Medication Are AvailableAntihistamines are allergy medications that interfere with receptors that pick up allergy-causing histamines, according to WebMD. Antihist... Read More »

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Buying OTC antihistamine?

I get similar symptoms, and I take Zyrtec (Cetirizine), actually the generic version.A quick look shows that it is available in NZ.

What herb is used as an antihistamine?

Bioflavonoids, or yellow-pigment compounds found in plants, fruits and vegetables, are often touted as having antihistamine properties. Specific bioflavonoid herbs suggested for allergies and rashe... Read More »

What is the strongest over the counter antihistamine?

On One Hand: Strong DosesLoratadine, the generic version of Claritin, is the strongest over-the-counter antihistamine. According to the National Library of Medicine Encyclopedia, one dose lasts up ... Read More »

Is it safe to take an antihistamine with singulair?

On One Hand: Interactions with SingulairAccording to, the asthma medication Singulair has no negative interactions with the most common over-the-counter antihistamine drugs. These include... Read More »