Can I take alli and minocycline together?

Answer As you are in the USA you could ring your dermatologist and ask him or go into a drug store and ask a pharmacist, all qualified pharmacists are able to look up drugs and say whether they are safe t... Read More »

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I'm 13 and I want to take my sister's Alli pills?

A 13 year old doesn't need to take diet pills.

Can i take Alli when i am on birth control?

On One Hand: Alli and Birth Control Will Not InteractAccording to the FAQs section on the Alli website, taking Alli will not have any impact on your birth control. The main ingredient in Alli is Or... Read More »

Can you take nortriptyline with the Alli weight loss pill?

On One Hand: It is not Listed as a WarningOn the Alli warning site, nortriptyline, an antidepressant, is not listed as a medication that should not be taken with Alli. The company advises not takin... Read More »


Be patient. I used the same stuff and ii takes time. You need to remember you are fighting an infection under your face. Give the army a chance to beat the bacteria. My dermatologist gave me minocy... Read More »