Can I take a shower even though we just got new walls?

Answer A normal bath is fine , just don t splash up the walls.. Other than that what until its ok with mom. She s going by what the installers told her. GL

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After taking a shower, do you wipe the water off the shower walls?

I also use a squeegee. It is so fast and prevents soap scum and mold from growing. It also prevents you from using a lot of chemicals to clean it later on.

How do I grout shower walls?

Apply the GroutMix the grout according to the manufacturer's instructions using a trowel. Dip a rubber float into the grout. Spread the grout over the cracks with the rubber sponge held at a shallo... Read More »

How do I take rust off of shower walls?

Rust Removing PasteCreate a paste that removes rust from shower wall. Combine two parts table salt and one part lime juice in a container. Use bottled lime juice or squeeze the juice from a lime. S... Read More »

How to Take Rust Off Shower Walls?

Rusting water pipes can cause iron to dissolve into a home's water supply, forming rust stains on shower walls. Rust stains are common in homes as the stains usually appear on bathroom and kitchen ... Read More »