Can I take Essiac® tea with my medications?

Answer On One Hand: Insufficient EvidenceAccording to MedlinePlus, few large-scale clinical trials have investigated the exact effects of Essiac® tea--an herbal concoction containing burdock root, sheep ... Read More »

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Who should not take essiac tea?

Essiac tea is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Also people with kidney disease should not use essiac. The tea contains oxalic acid which can contribute to the formation of kidney st... Read More »

What kind of allergy medications can you take with Geodon?

The anti-psychotic drug Geodon is compatible with many allergy medications. Over-the-counter choices without negative interactions include: Claritin and Sudafed. Prescription allergy medications th... Read More »

What time is proper to take my medications I take several. I do not know if I should take them in AM or PM?

I always heard it was best to take medications in the AM unless it something to help you sleep or makes you tired. I forget to take mine though and end up taking them in the PM. This is the informa... Read More »

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