Can I take Aspirin with SSRIs cass antideprassants?

Answer Prudent not to indulge in self medication. Lest side effects shall be far more severe than actual symptoms.Prudent* to see a general physician*/local homeopath [for less costs] for physical examin... Read More »

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Should people with heart trouble- take a 300 Aspirin?

I honestly don't know my friend. I hope you get a answer your looking for. xx Sug

Is it bad to take aspirin every day?

Aspirin is usually taken every day for people who have had heart problems. I wouldn't take it for longer than it says.Usually ibuprofen is good for swelling, but you can't take that every day for a... Read More »

Is it safe for me to take 4 aspirin?

Yeah man you'll be fine taking 4 aspirin, and get some urals you mix them with water and it helps pass the thc out of your system.

Can pregnant women take aspirin?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines