Can I sync Outlook with an iPhone?

Answer You can sync the email, contacts and calendar from Microsoft Outlook with an Apple iPhone. There are multiple ways to connect the two software systems, including the use of an exchange server or us... Read More »

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How do you sync iPhone 3gs to outlook email?

This page explains How to Sync iPhone to Outlook

Why won't outlook calendar sync with Iphone?

Because outlook is made by Microsoft which is a competing company of apple.the iPhone is made by apple and has a specific block for programs and updates from other companies unless you jailbreak yo... Read More »

Can you sync outlook tasks with an iphone?

I tried and tried internet posts for this and never wanted to pay for a program to help me get my Outlook Notes to my iPhone 3GS nor could I get iTunes to synch the two. So here is what I did, simp... Read More »

Can the iPhone sync with Outlook 2000?

Outlook 2000 cannot be synced with your iPhone. Apple's Support section (see Resources) for troubleshooting "contact and calendar syncing on Windows" lists only Outlook 2003 and 2007 as the compati... Read More »