Can I switch days I take brown Loestrin 24 Fe pills?

Answer No, you cannot switch days. It increases chances of failed contraception.

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Could it mean you are pregnant if you have brown discharge for two days and are not supposed to start your period for another five days?

Answer Hi,Yes this could mean you're pregnant. If this is implantation bleeding you cannot do a pregnancy test for the next 2-3 weeks because your body has only just begun releasing HCG in your bl... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you've been bloated and had cramps for twelve days brown spotting and are two days late for your period but have done three tests which came out negative and are 45 years old?


I took 3-4 adderall pills in less than 3-4 hours. I can still feel it and its been 2 days since. Am I okay?

I think you're overthinking it dude.You'll be fine.Some people like being "up",and some can't stand it.If you liked it,take more.If you didn't like it,either give it another try or just leave it al... Read More »

My friend took 2 ecstasy pills and is still enduring its affects over two days later.?

Your friend is a boob. To do well in gym class, wtf? It is normal to still be screwed up a few day after taking x, but she should use this as a lesson never to do it again.