Can I survive gastric cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Gastric Cancer is SurvivableIt is possible to survive gastric (stomach) cancer. This is especially true if the cancer has not spread deep into the layers of the stomach and if the canc... Read More »

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Chemoradiation in gastric cancer?

Its normal that your father is feeling sick and weak Give him another 6 weeks and he would feel much better

Chemoradiation gastric cancer?

There are several reasons this could be happening, but unless he has had surgery he will never be cured and will continue to get sick and weaker. Xeloda is not considered first line treatment.

Can i survive stomach cancer?

On One Hand: Stomach Cancer SurvivalWith early detection and treatment, it is possible to survive stomach cancer. Treatment for stomach cancer is typically surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therap... Read More »

Can you survive lung cancer?

Lung cancer is a serious diagnosis as I am sure you are aware. I know someone who had one lung completely removed due to lung cancer and has survived. Much depends on how the patient responds to... Read More »