Can I sue Wikipedia for aggravating my grandfather's paranoia?

Answer You cannot sue "Wikipedia", because it is a product. That would be like trying to sue "Prius", when what you'd need to do is sue "Toyota". In this case, you need to bring your suit against the "W... Read More »

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Why are 10 year old boys so aggravating?

They like to be a nusiance, and annoying. But if you ignore them and dont freak out, they will find their perky acts boring and stop.

What Are Aggravating Factors in Criminal Cases?

In the field of criminal law, the prosecution can use aggravating factors to increase the sentence imposed on a defendant if he is found guilty of a crime. Aggravating factors can vary by the state... Read More »

Is it ok to have sex with your grandfathers cousins granddaughter?

yes you can have sex with anyone in this world A: They would not be blood related to you so it would be fair to say yes in this case.

What is paranoia?

Paranoia is the unwarranted feeling or belief that a person is in danger of being harmed in some way by others. Certain mental disorders and drug reactions can cause paranoia.FeaturesAccording to M... Read More »