Can I substitute sugar for fructose?

Answer On One Hand: Sugar Can Be Substituted for FructoseFructose, by volume, has about the same number of calories as granulated sugar, but is roughly twice as sweet. Sugar may be substituted for fructo... Read More »

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Can you substitute sugar for powdered fructose?

Powdered fructose is similar to granulated sugar, yet tastes almost twice as sweet. When substituting granulated sugar for powdered fructose, use three parts sugar for every two parts fructose, acc... Read More »

What Is Fructose Sugar?

Fructose sugars, naturally found only in fruit, vegetables and honey, are crystalized and used to sweeten drinks and food. Experts believe fructose is a safe natural sweetner.

Is fructose sugar?

Fructose is a natural sugar that is found in many types of food, including fruits, vegetables and honey. Food manufacturers also use fructose as a sweetening ingredient in many prepackaged foods an... Read More »

Is fructose a sugar?

Fructose is considered a sugar (carbohydrate). Classified as a simple sugar, fructose contains only one saccharide unit, according to the Calorie Control Council. This type of sugar occurs naturall... Read More »