Can I substitute canola oil for Crisco oil?

Answer On One Hand: Equal IngredientsCrisco oil is technically canola oil, unless the Crisco you're planning to use is solid shortening. Because Crisco is made of 100 percent pure canola oil, substituting... Read More »

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Can you substitute canola oil for shortening?

On One Hand: Canola Oil Is a Type of ShorteningTechnically, canola oil is a form of shortening. According to, shortening is "Any fat, liquid or solid, used in pastry, dough, or batter... Read More »

Can i substitute vegetable oil for canola?

On One Hand: Vegetable Oil Includes CanolaAccording to, vegetable oil includes any oil not derived from an animal. This includes soybean oil, canola oil and many other plant-based oil... Read More »

Can i substitute canola oil for vegetable oil in a cake?

On One Hand: Canola Is a Form of Vegetable OilCanola oil is made from the rapeseed plant. It's nearly tasteless and therefore is a good choice as an all-purpose cooking and baking oil. It can be ea... Read More »

Can I substitute canola oil for olive oil in a pita bread recipe?

Absolutely. It will not change the outcome at all. Except you won't have that olive oil flavor - which is very mild anyway. You likely won't miss it.