Can I store hardcover books flat?

Answer On One Hand: You can store them flatUnlike certain softcover books, hardcover books can be stored flat because of the strength of their spine. Sometimes older books, whose spine is worn down, canno... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Book Club Edition & Original Hardcover Copy in Books?

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Good flat bed scanner and are these better than a handheld none for books?

I have got a HP Scanjet 5590 that I purchased recently. It does everything I need it to. As a tip, I found mine a site dedicated to locating the best prices called Good luc... Read More »

How to Store Books?

Storing your books without creating book strain and gathering dust is simple but not exactly cheap. You need to seal the book away from the elements and and at the same time limit the size and weig... Read More »

How to Store Comic Books?

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