Can I stop Yahoo Messenger from going idle?

Answer You can change your idle status in Yahoo Instant Messenger by clicking on messenger menu, choosing privacy options and changing the idle status to match your preferences. You can change the setting... Read More »

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What does"idle"mean on Yahoo Messenger?

If a contact on Yahoo messenger is showing up as "idle," it means that the contact is online but hasn't done anything at the computer in a while. When the contact returns, his status will change.So... Read More »

How do I stop an add request on Yahoo! Messenger?

Write down the Yahoo! screen name of the person you want to stop sending add requests. Click the Yahoo! Messenger menu and select the "Preferences" option. Click "Ignore List" to add the contact to... Read More »

How to Stop Yahoo Messenger From Signing Me in on Mobile?

Yahoo! Messenger lets you send and receive instant messages with your contacts on your computer. The service also lets you register one or more mobile devices with your Yahoo! Messenger account. Us... Read More »

Will everyone please stop asking about the Yahoo! Mail and Messenger being down today!?

I asked the same thing about 10 minutes ago. No one can seem to search for the question before asking it. In my question, a girl said she was about to ask the same question before seeing my post.... Read More »