Can I still watch my black and white shows on one of those new color tv sets?

Answer yes, but I still think they look better on the black and white sets. Except for Leave it to Beaver... that is enhanced by DeVol with a special lens and looks just as good on a color TV. June's apro... Read More »

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Do you still watch black&white films which is one you like.?

The Seven SamuraiI hope they never remake it.

Black is a color. white is also a color. Then why black&white TV is not called as a color TV?

In technical terms, it's simple:Black is not a color... it is the absence of all colorWhite, on the other hand, is a mix of all colors. However... technically, and more accurately, a black and whit... Read More »

Black is one color and white is a also color.. but balck and white tv is not a color tv y?

Color tv is like the color spectrum that when light passes through it,. it breaks up into the color or red, blue and green which are your primary colors and the other can me made from them.Black i... Read More »

How does an inkjet printer print grey color Is must be black and white right But how is white produced?

Printers use red, Yellow and blue Or more common is Magenta(red), Cyan(blue), and Yellow. When you mix the three inks together you get Black.Some printers use a larger separate black ink cartridge.... Read More »