Can I still use my credit card if it expires this month?

Answer Yes, you may use the credit card through the last day of the listed expiration month; when this date passes, the card will become inactive. The credit card expiration date is printed on the front o... Read More »

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How Much of My Credit Card Balance Should I Pay Each Month?

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Will you be charged interest if you pay off your credit card every month?

If you pay off your credit card balance every month, you will not be charged interest. Some credit cards require an annual fee (usually for special rewards-type features), but even if you have one ... Read More »

How to Calculate Credit Card Interest Per Month?

Credit cards provide a very easy way to pay for your purchases: just swipe the card and you're on your way. However, if you aren't careful you may end up charging more than you can pay off at the e... Read More »

What percentage pay off their credit card in full each month?

Only 30 percent of Americans who have and use credit cards pay off the full balance each month, according to, citing a statistic from 2004. The average unpaid credit card balance he... Read More »