Can I still use my color printer when the 'Magenta' cartridge runs out ?

Answer If that's the only color ink you have, then you have no choice but to buy another cartridge, but if there are other colors, it will still work but only by printing the other colors

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When my black ink cartridge runs out does my HP 2610 use the color cartridge to print black text?

noyou need to purchase black ink.....there is a difference....

I have put the wrong colour in when refilling my ink cartridge cyan into magenta is my cartridge ruined?

Buy a new one you can get a new cartridges from"ink4everyone" for under £1.25

My color ink cartridge leak inside of my printer. How should I clean this up w/o harming the printer?

Use QTips and alcohol. If you are not using real HP ink cartridges I suggest you start. The refills and ones made by other vendors are bad.

If color cartridge is empty, could my printer still print?