Can I still have unhealthy food now and again?

Answer yes you can, unhealthy food should always be taken in moderation tho. i.e. don't pig out all the time. reward yourself once a week, or once a fortnight

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Can I still eat unhealthy food?

"bad food" makes working out just unnecessarily harder for you.Sport will make hungrier anyway,so no problem to eat more than usual,just a healthy mix of proteins,vegetable,fruit and carbs.A banana... Read More »

Can u be born again and still have sin in your heart?

Yes, else you'd be a saint/nun/priest. But even then...

What food have you recently had again after not having it for a long time?

I had pizza for the first time in years and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Name a movie which you have seen at least three times and would still like to see again.?