Can I still get food stamps if I have two vehicles in my name?

Answer The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamp program, excludes from the resource determination vehicles that are used to produce income, needed for work-related travel, serve as the... Read More »

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How many vehicles can you have while receiving food stamps and Medicaid?

Each state determines its own vehicle resource limits and exemptions. Every state must exclude cars used for income purposes and cars used to transport disabled family members, as well as cars that... Read More »

Do food stamps cover baby food?

Food stamps can be used to purchase baby food. Food stamps cannot be used to buy liquor or non-food items such as cleaning products and soap. Pregnant women or mothers of young children may also ... Read More »

Can you buy food online using food stamps?

No, as of June 2010, you cannot use food stamp benefits to purchase food online. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, "There are technical reasons why SNAP EBT cards cannot be ... Read More »

Do You Have to Have Food Stamps to Go to a Food Bank?

Millions of Americans do not have enough food. An astonishing one in six Americans is hungry, according to the Feeding America organization. Food banks help meet their needs. People do not have to ... Read More »