Can I still eat this?

Answer Dates on your food is a legal thing,nothing more.Use your common sense,look at it and smell it,if it looks and smells good it is ok to eat,if not throw it out.

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Circumcision: Why are parents still requesting and doctors still performing this cruel procedure?

I couldn't agree more :) it's not really the "done" thing here in the UK..... religious reasons aside. Maybe that's why I see it differently to Americans (I say Americans cos the circ. rate in the ... Read More »

Still tired on oxygen, i lose breath taking steps. can this improve or is this how people die?

Talk to your medical team.Part of the tiredness could be that your body is still recovering from the trauma of your treatments. It took me months after I finished chemo and radiation until I stopp... Read More »

I just bought the ESPN The Ultimate Remote and read afterwards that click36 tv has been discontinued on the product What can you still do with this remote Can you still access sports information?

I am on birth control pills and don't take a break between packs so i dont get a period does this increase my chances of getting pregnant or am i still protected and will this cause me any harm?

Anything your partner does after you have already become pregnant will not affect your baby, unless they pass along an STD/STI -- your body closes the area the baby is in, off from the rest of the ... Read More »