Can I start a business before my divorce is finalized?

Answer It is in the best interest of both parties in the midst of divorce proceedings to wait until the divorce is finalized to start a new business venture. Until the final divorce petition has been file... Read More »

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10 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business?

With more businesses opening daily, business ownership appears to be the new American dream. A potential entrepreneur can prepare for business ownership by asking pertinent personal and business-re... Read More »

What rights do you have if you want to move out of state with your child before the custody or divorce proceedings start?

Answerdon't do it i have been there and you can goto jail for kidknapping if the other parent wants to go that far and that will make you look bad in court so just put it off till its over and make... Read More »

If getting a divorce in Pennsylvania can the spouse who provides medical insurance legally terminate the other's medical benefits before the divorce is final when the two are living separately?

Answer No. I believe he must wait until the divorce is final and all terms are worked out.

Is it legal to close an IRA before a divorce?

You can legally close an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) before a divorce is finalized. Seek the advice of an attorney or tax professional if you are unsure of the process. Tax implications var... Read More »