Can I stain laminated wood cabinets?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Stain Some LaminatesAccording to Ask the Builder, only certain laminate wood cabinets can be stained. You can contact the manufacturer of your cabinets to find out if you can s... Read More »

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Can i stain the cheap wood particle board cabinets in my bathroom?

You can stain particle board, but you will need to seal it with a waterproof sealer. If it is a particle board cabinet with a wood laminate, it also can be stained. Just remove the old stain with s... Read More »

How can I safely remove paint or wood stain from speaker cabinets?

Your probably not going to be able to remove just the finish he gave it completely with out damaging the original finish also, it would depend also on what type of finish he applied and what the or... Read More »

I want to paint/stain bathroom cabinets. What paint/stain to use?

For those bathroom cabinets, first you' should sand them so the new finish will adhere properly. For painting them, I'd use an oil based paint as it stands up much better to the humidity in a bath... Read More »

How to Install Laminated Wood Tiles?

Laminated wood tiles are a cost-effective and versatile flooring option that can be installed over most structurally sound hard-surface floors. Carpets will need to be removed and hard-surface floo... Read More »